For Elisa, every wedding is an extraordinary, unique and unrepeatable event, to be personalized and looked after in every detail. The greatest possible commitment, therefore, is required.

With a shared approach that starts with listening, times are set aside for brainstorming ideas on the magic day that you’ve dreamt about: the process is based on an exchange of experience and creativity, giving rise to a special appointment, in which every detail speaks of you.

Elisa is not only a wedding planner who, from Reggio Emilia, in Emilia-Romagna, operates throughout Italy, following you step-by-step, advising you on every choice regarding the suppliers for your wedding and accompanying you on the ‘great day’ as a point of reference to coordinate the various services.

Elisa is also a wedding designer, that is, a professional who prepares and develops a scenic design that includes flowers, lights and settings. This service involves the planning of the entire scenography and atmosphere of the event, which includes images, inspirations, ideas and materials.

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To have the wedding or event of your dreams: this is the goal to aim for with Elisa.

Let her amaze you; contact her to let her put her experience at your service: because relying on a professional to manage times, spaces and tasks will be the best way to best plan and enjoy the most important day of your life!